Horse Riding


3 Days P.N.P.G.


The journey crosses the area towards the direction of the border of Penêda-Geres National Park. We will see castles, view mountain plains, and discover where the wild horses live. There will be amazing landscapes of old traditional stone mountain villages along the way.

3 Days Corno de Bico


The journey starts in the direction of the woods above the Equestrian Center. This is a protected area called Corno de Bico. The trails are full of forest wildlife, including: wild horses, mountain cows, foxes, wild boars, and even deer & wolves. We will enjoy lunch in a local tavern in the heart of a small and wonderful village with only 6 houses and 16 inhabitants.

6 Days


We will ride to another wonderful landscape, through the old forestry guards trail, exploring the beauty that is preserved and cared for. We will see the shelters of the wild horses, which are comprised of groups of 50 to 60 trees planted in the woods. The trees are planted in a way that protect the wildlife in harsh winters and hot summers. We will most likely meet the wild horses grazing on their pasture grounds and we will stop on the edge of the forest, by the water, to have our packed lunches.

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Join our equestrian adventure and meet one of the last wild horse breeds in Europe. The wild horses found in the Penêda-Geres National Park are called Garranos. We will discover the horses in the valley of Vez. The wild horses will be grazing in a varied mountainous landscape dotted with villages. This unique adventure of wild, open spaces is for nature lovers and those who would like to discover the wilds of northern Portugal.