3 Days P.N.P.G.


  • Day 1. SATURDAY

    Welcome at the airport and then transfer by Car/Minibus from Porto (Portugal) or Vigo (Spain) to the Equestrian Center located in Arcos de Valdevez. Upon arrival to the Equestrian Center, we will tour the stables and you will meet all the horses. After settling into your comfortable accommodations, we will establish our dinner time. (Portuguese Restaurant) traditional meal.

  • Day 2. SUNDAY

    The day starts early, and breakfast is served at 8.00 AM, followed by horse preparation. We will begin the adventure at 10:00 AM, starting just above the medieval Town of Arcos de Valdevez. The journey crosses the area towards the direction of the border of Penêda-Geres National Park. We will see castles, view mountain plains, and discover where the wild horses live. There will be amazing landscapes of old traditional stone mountain villages along the way. Lunch will be at a local mountain Pick-Nic, followed by a horse-riding trail that leads to pre-historical remains of old civilizations. Afterwards, the tour will lead to the National Park interpretation Center. The Center provides all the information about the park. This location is also the place where we will leave the horses resting overnight. They will be kept in the old forestry nursery fields. We will then travel back to the Equestrian Center; after a rest, we depart to have dinner at the Quinta typical Portuguese meal. Following dinner, we return for a good night’s rest.

  • Day 3. MONDAY

    Breakfast will be served at 8.00 AM. We will transfer to the horse mount location. We will prepare the horses and depart into the woods of the national park. Our exploration will take us uphill to plains of old pasture fields and the home of wild horses. We can view the wildlife of Penêda-Geres National Park along the way. Our journey continues along trails of natural scenery through the day. We will ride through old commerce trails between mountain villages. Our views will be from 1000 meters of altitude where the horizon is free from human presence. Pick - Nic Lunch takes place near a mountain lake and is followed by a journey that takes us down to the ancient Trail of the Deceased (used in ancient times to take the mountain people back down to the bottom-of-the valley cemeteries, near the main mountain villages). After arrival at the village of Ferreiros, we will stable the horses in the old farmers houses and transfer back to the Equestrian Center for a rest. We will have dinner at the Quinta and then enjoy at good night’s rest.

  • Day 4. TUESDAY

    Awaken and enjoy breakfast at 8.00 AM. We will transfer to Ferreiros stables, prepare the horses, and at 10:00 AM we will begin the journey along the valley countryside’s farming fields and oak forests. We will arrive at the Vez river shores and follow the fisherman trails back down to the historical town of Arcos de Valdevez. Our lunch will be at the Portuguesetavern Tavern. Depending on the river level, we may cross the river with the horses or make a detour to the nearest old bridge. In Arcos de Valdevez, we will tour the old town, which includes a 17th century road. The history, architecture, and spirit of the area will be discussed. We will depart to the Equestrian Center and then stable the horses to rest. You can enjoy relaxation followed by the evening dinner at Portuguese restaurant.

  • Day 5. WEDNESDAY

    After breakfast we will say farewell to the horses and place all luggage in the transfer vehicle.10:00am Depart to (Portuguese airport) Porto or (Spanish) Vigo Airport (both are 100kms away from the Equestrian Center).

Horse Description and Riding Level

The cavalry is composed of Hispano-Arab and Lusitanian horses; under 15 years old, the horses are "Cruzados” (Arab and English thoroughbred with Spanish or Portuguese horses). These horses are ideal for adventurous journeys in any kind of terrain or challenging situation—they are brave and peaceful in all situations. They are strong, lively, and fast, which makes them fit even on difficult terrain. We use English saddles and most of the time we ride with long reins. This relaxed way of riding permits enjoyment for the riders as well as the horses.


Carlos and Bruno are the guides that will accompany you on all of the trails. Their deep knowledge of the region spans culture, cuisine, blacksmithing, and horsemanship. Both local guides speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Carlos and Bruno are the perfect companions on the Northern Portugal Wilderness Trail adventure.

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Join our equestrian adventure and meet one of the last wild horse breeds in Europe. The wild horses found in the Penêda-Geres National Park are called Garranos. We will discover the horses in the valley of Vez. The wild horses will be grazing in a varied mountainous landscape dotted with villages. This unique adventure of wild, open spaces is for nature lovers and those who would like to discover the wilds of northern Portugal.