3 Days Corno de Bico


  • Day 1. TUESDAY

    Reception at the airport and then transfer by car/bus from Porto (Portugal) or Vigo (Spain) to the Riding Centre located in Arcos de Valdevez. Upon arrival at the Equestrian Centre, we will take a tour of the stables and meet all the horses. After settling in their comfortable accommodations, we will set our dinner time. Traditional meal (Portuguese Restaurant).

  • Day 2. WEDNESDAY

    After breakfast and getting the horses ready, the journey begins towards the woods above the Equestrian Centre. This is a protected area called Corno de Bico. The trails are full of wildlife including: wild horses, mountain cows, foxes, wild boar, and even deer and wolves. Next we will have lunch at a local tavern in the heart of a wonderful small village with only 6 houses and 16 inhabitants. The ride continues uphill, to a view that includes clear air, beautiful skies, and the Atlantic coast. Our next equestrian destination is the core of the protected landscape of Corno de Bico. We will see a former forest guard post that served as a watchtower for this wonderful, protected natural landscape. Descending from the forest landscape, we take a trail that leads us to the old village of Bico. We will leave the horses in the fields where they can rest and recuperate. We will return to the stables of our Quinta for dinner and a peaceful night's rest.

  • Day 3. THURSDAY

    Wake up and have breakfast at 9.00 a.m. Next, transfer to Bico to pick up our horses from the field and prepare them for the next adventure. We will explore the protected Natural Reserve of Corno de Bico. There are a variety of trails that will offer a day of discovery. This memorable experience will include searching the wild horse herds. Within the park, you will be able to experience the untouched beauty of nature, free from the human footprint. We will take our meals in the horse saddle bags and pause in the charming village of Grijo, where we will enjoy our lunch. We will return to Bico to allow the horses to rest in the field once more, while we return to the Quinta to enjoy a nice meal and rest as well.

  • Day 4. FRIDAY

    We wake up to the sound of nature and meet for breakfast at 9am. We'll meet the horses and get them ready for the day. We will ride into another wonderful landscape, through the old ranger trail, exploring the beauty that is preserved and cared for. We will see the wild horse shelters, which are made up of groups of 50 to 60 trees planted in the forest. The trees are planted in order to protect the wildlife in harsh winters and hot summers. We are very likely to find the wild horses grazing on their grazing grounds and stop at the edge of the forest by the water to have our packed lunches. It is no accident that they call this beautiful place: The Enchanted Forest of Miranda. After lunch, the journey continues as we begin to descend towards the Quinta for a relaxed evening, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the pool, and dinner at a Portuguese restaurant.

  • Day 5. SATURDAY

    After breakfast, we say goodbye to the horses and put all the luggage in the transfer vehicle. 10:00h- Departure for the airport Porto (Portugal) or Vigo (Spain) (both are 100kms away from the Equestrian Centre).

Horse Description and Riding Level

The cavalry is composed of Hispano-Arab and Lusitanian horses; under 15 years old, the horses are "Cruzados” (Arab and English thoroughbred with Spanish or Portuguese horses). These horses are ideal for adventurous journeys in any kind of terrain or challenging situation—they are brave and peaceful in all situations. They are strong, lively, and fast, which makes them fit even on difficult terrain. We use English saddles and most of the time we ride with long reins. This relaxed way of riding permits enjoyment for the riders as well as the horses.


Carlos and Bruno are the guides that will accompany you on all of the trails. Their deep knowledge of the region spans culture, cuisine, blacksmithing, and horsemanship. Both local guides speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Carlos and Bruno are the perfect companions on the Northern Portugal Wilderness Trail adventure.

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Join our equestrian adventure and meet one of the last wild horse breeds in Europe. The wild horses found in the Penêda-Geres National Park are called Garranos. We will discover the horses in the valley of Vez. The wild horses will be grazing in a varied mountainous landscape dotted with villages. This unique adventure of wild, open spaces is for nature lovers and those who would like to discover the wilds of northern Portugal.